The 100+ most important templates you need to manage artists’ tours, recordings, marketing, money; and run a professional artist management operation.

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Sign artist/manager agreements. Start a music business.

This startup kit will help you get started with your new artist & manager partnership properly. If you’re a novice, it’ll help you get started with and plan out your new business. 

Artist Management Agreement

An example of a legally binding artist management contract.

Artist On-Boarding Checklist

A 2-page checklist of everything you need to collect from an artist when you start working with them.

Starting a Management Company Guide

A 25-page PDF demonstrating how to become a manager, how to sign artists, good and bad characteristics of managers, qualities to look for in artists, and more.

Music Business Plan Template

The ultimate business plan worksheet for your music business – the true value of a business plan is the work
that goes into creating it.

Contact Directory Template

A spreadsheet for you to start collecting contacts of industry people.


Prepare for profitable tours.

From crafting emails to booking tours to planning the tour production, budget, and itineraries – this kit has everything you need to manage your shows like a tour manager.

Booking Advance Sheet

All the information you need for your show including schedule, venue, merch info, contacts, guest list, payment details and more.

Show Booking Email Template

How to write an email to book your band on a show! 5 things to keep in mind before hand, writing the subject line, and what NOT to do!

DIY Tour Management Guide

Learn how to manage your own tours.

Tour Itinerary Template

Every tour needs an itinerary – it’s probably the most important part for staying organized and on-time.

Tour Budget

Use this excel sheet to budget your tour ahead of time! Broken down by all potential revenue streams, expense streams, and show dates.

Tour Reference Notes

Use this form to keep track of important information after each show so that you can refer back to it the next time you’re about to book a show in that location.

Tour Booking Guide

A 6-page guide explaining when you should go on tour, how to get gigs, exact steps on how to book your tour, promote your tour, and what to do while on tour!

Merchandise Revenue Tracker

Keep track of your monthly and yearly merchandise inventory sales with this spreadsheet.

Merch Sales Register

Print this out and bring it to your next show to keep track of inventory and sales per show.

Personnel Doc

Keep a copy of this sheet for every person in the band and crew that will be on tour.